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Plus, their emotions come out of nowhere, which can catch others by surprise. Sometimes you’d swear your Aquarius’ alter ego was Holden Caulfield — he absolutely can’t stand phonies. He can see right through you if you start self-presenting and image-maintaining so don’t do it. Know that yourself is all he wants.Be honest at all times. Honesty and sincerity are essential for anyone seeking a long-term connection to this dynamic personality. When it comes to love, people best suited are those that are not thrown off by Aquarian frankness and honesty.

They have deep morals indeed, they’re just very personal and not necessarily the same as everyone else’s. Show that you can rise above and you’re not threatened, not by any woman or by his female pals. BUT—you have to be extra careful here because Aquarius men may knowingly push your buttons to see if you’re https://thedatingpros.com/morethanone-review/ jealous of other women. That will make hanging out with the people who matter most to him easier, as one big happy family. If anyone has influence over an Aquarius man, it’s his friends. Remind yourself every day that you’re amazing and others are lucky to have you in their lives, the Aquarius man included.

Not to mention that it can be disrespectful of your feelings. Relationships are two ways and both people in a couple need to be happy for it to be a long term and satisfying partnership. Conversely, knowing that he can be distant, stubborn, and highly independent are some of the things that are comforting to know when he is going through one of his cold patches. You might think an Aquarius’s home would be full of skulls and circuit boards, but these dudes are actually pretty minimalist. Like, their home probably reminds you of an Apple Store…

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So, it’s up to you to be keen on ways to get a stable connection. He has some specific weaknesses that can help you catch their attention. So, Aquarius man in love has some clear analogies that can help you in making progress. When you become his favorite friend that would guarantee constant communication, then that is how you know an Aquarius man likes you.

They have trouble feigning interest when they don’t want to listen. On the other hand, the relationships with Libra woman, Capricorn woman, Gemini woman, and Aries woman may need a lot of hard work. Your Aquarius interest may have his confidence with him most of the time, but he really hates the feeling of being made fun of. He seems independent and composed; however, deep inside he has his vulnerabilities just like anyone else.

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Honestly I don’t think they really know what all that is. Met you, gave gift, went to mivie, and got the biggest hug I’ve even gotten from him in 9 months. Not much beside a quick hand gesture like hey girl, u still here??

When he asks you out, go along with it, say yes without much emotion. Wearing clothing that expresses your unique view about yourself and the world has a positive effect on your date with an Aquarius man. You can wear a miniskirt and a revealing top, and your date won’t draw inappropriate conclusions about you. It is the reason why relationships never get started or why couples just drift apart. The reason could lay in not understanding a fundamental desire a man needs in a long-term relationship.

Instead of pushing him to move your relationship along faster, adjust your expectations or look for someone else. Aquarius is also an incredibly rebellious sign, so your Aquarius man is more likely to do the opposite of what you want if he thinks you’re trying to control him. An Aquarius man in love will do his best to open up and allow you to get to know him inside and out. Even if you two are dating each other exclusively, your Aquarius man will still expect you to be independent.

I want to marry and not sure of her trust as she cheated before. Your days will be filled with little adventures and your heart will be full of joy. And I truly wish that your dreams will become reality.

Whether it has to do with intellectual pursuits like further education or looking for a better place to live, they will want to upgrade. This is in alignment with their idealistic personality that doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect. Aquarius men don’t do well when life becomes predictable and routine-like. Their mental acuity and drive to learn push them to seek constant change. Try to find new activities to do on date nights, new restaurants to try, etc. Their need for independence doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be free of a monogamous relationship.

He can be offish or indirect when talking about emotions. He finds it overbearing when other people experience intense emotions, like tears, anger, frustration around him. When feeling strong emotions, it’s best to approach it rationally with him if you have to talk about it. Problem-solving through talking is the way to his heart. @borntobearwater I have an Aquarius man who was born the day after me.

They are also loyal, independent, and stubborn to the core. They are fixed, and the fixed plus fix will wreak damage. They are best isolated and not dating one another, but it also entails that with much work being done, they can still navigate such relationships.

Aquarius is a sign that resonates strongest in the brain. His heart is not something he uses often — or at least willingly. Don’t use tears, guilt, or any other feeling to get your way. If you’re having a fight, explain how you’re feeling in the most reasonable of terms. Remove yourself from you for a bit and take a more objective stance.

Aquarius connects very well with Libra and Gemini, as they are air signs with almost the same mental pace. Since they are the same sign, it is very easy for them not to speak the same language. While Libra enhances the social side of Aquarius, Gemini encourages them to be more playful.