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I think the good advice is that it starts with taking care of oneself in all the ways discussed above. It takes the willingness to be curious about the special things that make others who they are. I’d like a partner again for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Even though I believe that marriage is a sacred commitment, a true testament to how a couple feels about each other, I don’t believe that many people are cut out for it anymore these days. I’d be happy with a faithful and devoted partner without the paperwork. It might mean less pain for me in the long run, even though I enjoyed marriage when I had it, hard work and all.

Whether they can partner up with their “ideal” person, that’s another story. For some people it can be hard to have reasonable expectations. At least as a woman in my 30’s I choose not to be upset about men my age dating younger ladies.

Dear Abby: Teen is disgusted that her dad, 50, is dating a 19-year-old

I know several good women who have tried it for years only to get nowhere. Spring Hill Frank………I am 50 and I have no interest in dating much younger than my age. I would have nothing in common with a man in his 20’s or 30’s. I would go a little younger than my age if I found a nice guy, but not much younger. I don’t care what the articles out there say. Even though age to me is not the most important thing when considering a partner, I am not prepared to date someone young enough to be my son.

It seems that combination is a tough find. I believe intimacy is a big part of a relationship so preferably no men suffering from ED for me. Unless he is willing to work around the problem and still have great intimate times. One of these days we’ll find each other. I am looking for a church going woman that is not over religious because of my moral values. I want to do good things for good causes and contribute my little bit to a better world.

Don’t push yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.

That makes it more difficult to get to know people. Guess that depends on what part of the country they are in. Women where I currently live and in their 50’s, most have it easier than single men. The ratio here in Boise, Idaho favors women. I am moving to Raleigh, NC in a few days. I haven’t had a girlfriend in 3 years.

I wish they, or similar books, had been available to me. These should be required reading for all young men. It’s a pity that “Men’s study” courses are prohibited in college. What you’re describing is female hypergamy. It’s well documented all over the net.

I am losing hope that I can find a loving, meaningful, intimate relationship again in my lifetime. The men I have dealt with can’t handle an emotionally intelligent, intellectual, affectionate woman like me. I want it all, and I am not talking about money.

I’m just not sure how to tell him why. Been dating for 15 years since my divorce. I have had around 6 relationships since divorce. With the exception of one woman that was close to my She, all of them are younger then me by anywhere from 8 to 25 years.

Confidence and healthy relationships all the way around have been my focus, not the easiest road for sure, but better than bitter. I am a man 60 years old separated 8 months I’m looking for a woman in her mid to upper 50s I’m interested in dating my own age group. Lumping all women into one category is ignorant. I wasn’t the lying, cheating, spouse. I didn’t want divorce and I didn’t ask for it.

I got divorced over 20 years ago and after many attempts at dating feel that at 52 I just can’t be bothered anymore. I have much better things to do with my time than waste it with little chance of success. Most women lose their libido as well as men approaching 50, sometimes weight issue or health in general. I did not and had an increasing sex drive at 50 and am 56 now.